This section is dedicated to my clients.  They have put in work, given me 100% of their time, energy, and determination.  With their work ethic, and my training, they will get the body and reach the fitness goals they desire.



My name is Dana Hawes and I am 28 years old. Since working with Brandon Fitness group in February 2019, I’ve lost nearly 50lbs. I’ve always been larger my entire life but after college in 2013 I gained 30lbs. Now 8 months working with Brandon Fitness I am smaller than I was my senior year of high school!

I was motivated in February to make a change and join the group with the recommendation of a family member after being diagnosed with diabetes and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a threat to having children in the future. The doctor informed me the best way to improve my health is significant weight loss and I took that recommendation seriously. Through dedication and motivation from my trainers and fitness family, I have kept up with the program, I feel better, stronger, and smarter for making a good decision being part of this group.

Working out with Brandon Fitness is one of the best Lifestyle changes I’ve made that I don’t plan to change and I look forward to meeting my health goals.

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