This section is dedicated to my clients.  They have put in work, given me 100% of their time, energy, and determination.  With their work ethic, and my training, they will get the body and reach the fitness goals they desire.


Meet Charisse

My Fitness Journey 1st began in 2016 with Brandon Fitness….after months of talking with existing clients and following his page….I signed up Sept 2016 to shift my focus from the things I couldn’t control in my life, to being ALL about me. I came three times a week and ran on the weekends. It wasn’t easy, and honestly I felt like giving up as this wasn’t for me!! Brandon’s push along with the positivity from his clients, kept me going. I even tried to recruit friends to join me…but they had to see my results first. I was convinced that his organization was heaven sent, and I actually surprised myself as my results where very impressive. So fast forward to 2021…I had gained all my weight back and was really beating myself up about it. I would make comments on different things Brandon posted,showing others transformations…because I truly missed working out with him. The thought in my head was “he’s gonna be disappointed when he see’s me”…but I made the decision that I was gonna get back on track. I started my 2nd journey with Brandon in April, and I was determined and focus….and wasn’t gonna let excuses stop me. I thought that it would be a little easy since I knew what to expect or at least I thought. My determination along with Brandon and his fitness family’s encouragement and push…continues to motivate me. If you are looking for a trainer that not only cares but pushes you for greatness, look no further because Brandon Fitness is the place….there are simply no excuses, you can literally join him virtually from anywhere. Don’t just take my word for it, come see for yourself….the results don’t lie!!!

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