This section is dedicated to my clients.  They have put in work, given me 100% of their time, energy, and determination.  With their work ethic, and my training, they will get the body and reach the fitness goals they desire.

CCF7F073-957E-4068-8779-8F675EC8043DMeet Sabrina:

I joined Brandon Fitness because I was ready for a change. I was the heaviest I had ever been. I initially kept saying it was baby weight until I had to check myself realizing my baby was 3🙄. I started having health issues and doctors began telling me I’d be better off if I loss weight, “just walking will not cut it!”. I had been following Brandon on social media for years and even paid for a month, but never showed up. I finally made the decision to join. My first class Brandon asked if I was sure I wanted to do the class I signed up for. Once my mind is made up, it’s there. Once i joined their were so many clients encouraging as I worked out, not just Brandon. People were giving me tips on things I could do outside of the gym, reminding me that I won’t  see the results I want by just coming to the gym 2 times and not doing anything else during the week. I loved their encouraging words, and the fact that everything that was said was to help benefit and push me. It really feels like a family, and everyone is so sincere. I just completed my first team competition since 2009 and was so nervous! It felt great knowing that I helped the team get first place. This gym is not like others where people come and stay to themselves and not speak, interact, or anything. Its a family where everyone is striving to a become better, healthier versions of themselves while encouraging others to do the same! I love being apart of the BBB family and encourage y’all to join us as well!

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