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Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newbie, finding your fitness motivation to reach your goals can be difficult. Try the 30 day Ab Challenge or Online Training Programs

One way to boost your fitness is to try the official I Am Brandon Fitness 30 Day Ab Challenge.


The 30 Day Ab Challenge will provide you the motivation you need to push yourself a little harder each week along with information that will teach you how to build a healthy physique. The I Am Brandon Fitness Challenge program  created not only offers a four week workout plan, but also offers support with an instructional PDF, nutrition guide, and personalized videos to help you achieve your workout goals from the #FitnessPlug himself.

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Virtual Training/Live Video with Chat

Live demonstrations and coaching through each workout  while online 

Home workouts with Brandonfitness

Home workouts with Brandonfitness



Online Personal Training Sessions

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If for some reason you’re unable to be present face to face with Brandon Fitness, you can log online to receive your personalized workout session. Whether you’re in another city, state, or country, or need to stay in the comforts of your home, this is an innovative way to connect, and be a part of Brandon Fitness. Each week you have a personalized regimen based on your goals ranging from once a week up to 6 times a week. This will all happen under the direction of the Fitness Plug himself.

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