Personal Training Sessions


One on One Personal Training Sessions

$50/session when serviced in a monthly package deal.

1x/ week  (4 sessions) $200/month
2x’s/week (8 sessions) $400/month
3x’s/ week (12 sessions) $600/month (Most common and recommended for quicker results)
The sessions drop to $45/session when 4 or more days a week are purchased.
4x’s/week $720/month (16 sessions)
5x’s/week $900/month (20 sessions).
*Monthly payments are to be paid in full at your first session* 2 Weeks sessions can be paid but keep in mind, Spaces are limited when other clients are doing month to month
My session by session (pay as you go) price are $60/session.
Please note: there are NO REFUNDS, when purchasing a personal training program.  Please review the “pay as you go” option if this plan will best fit your schedule.
Partner Training
(2 people) $80/session (3 people) $105/session
All monthly clients have the privilege to be discounted for group sessions at the rate of $10 per session when doing at least two sessions per week.
If you’re committed and ready to join this fitness journey,  please send an email to: for inquiry on available timeslots.
Look forward to coaching you through the process!

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