My name is Aurielle Godboldt, I’m a native of DUVVVVVVVVALLL, not a jags fans but I am a huge Florida State fan. 32 years young, love making people laugh and having a good time. 

Being active has always been apart of my life in some aspect, but life got in the way and I fell off but the pounds just started to pile on. On top of that came depression as well as low self-esteem. I knew I needed a change and over the years I would see videos Brandon would post of social media but would always talk myself out of it cause in my mind “ain’t no way he want me to do that”. However when I joined, he made sure to move at a pace that was good for me to keep me motivated. As I kept going back I soon realized that I could do anything. The more I stayed consistent the scale started to go down and at the end of the year I met my goal weight. 

Brandon and all the trainers have become more than just trainers, they’ve become family! They have done more than just transform me physically, but I’ve become mentally stronger because it’s “YOU V YOU”. Took a break from the gym but couldn’t stay away because I wasn’t getting the results just doing it on my own. I have truly found my gym family. BRANDONFITNESS FOREVER!!!

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Aurielle Godboldt


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