My name is Meleisha Perry, Meme to my Fit Family and Friends. I started attending classes at Brandon Fitness in September 2020 because pandemic weight had caught up with me. On top of that my anxiety and depression was on level 10 and I was too scared to work out at Planet Fitness even with their safety procedures. I was no longer self motivated to even try to work out. I needed that push, someone to hold me accountable, and I remembered I had taken a few drop in classes with Brandon at the Elks Lodge in 2018. I began with a 2x a week membership but quickly upgraded to 3x a week.  Then once it was time to renew I signed up for unlimited. The proven results brought me in,  but it's the encouragement and motivation that's keeps me coming back. 

Today I'm 61 lbs down and counting, making healthy choices, pushing myself everyday to be better than I was yesterday, and inspiring others along the way. ALL GAS, NO BREAKS!

May 2022

Meleisha Perry


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